Are you in search of high-performance equipment to enhance your operations and boost your competitive edge? How about machinery to maximize your space utilization? CPS offers cutting-edge packaging systems designed to deliver optimal return on your investment.

Robot S7 Stretch Wrapper


Rotoplat 708  Turntable

With a high packaging autonomy in addition to Robopac’s state-of-the-art technologies, it’s ideal for wrapping all sorts of pallets.   The Rotoplat 708 is undeniably the market reference when it comes to turntable stretch wrappers. Its advanced technology makes it the most innovative machines currently available.


Compacta 6 Horizontal Stretch Wrapper


Tools & Other Equipment


Available with different rotating ring diameters, these systems are designed to wrap elongated products of highly variable dimensions.


Complete Packaging Systems offers a complete range of tools and accessories for all your packaging and cargo securement applications.

We offer:

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