Packaging Equipment

Robot S7 Stretch Wrapper | By Robopac

Introducing the Robopac ROBOT S7, a cutting-edge self-propelled and portable stretch wrap machine that seamlessly combines innovation with ultimate reliability. Born from a revolutionary idea, this machine is engineered to revolve around the product, showcasing excellent adaptability in all environments, the utmost attention to safety systems, with a high level of packaging autonomy.

Ideal for:

  • Confined spaces
  • Wrap loads of any shape, size and weight, even non-standard pallets
  • Optimizing pre-stretch to reduce stretch film and energy consumption
  • Wrapping more cost-effectively and more sustainably


Key Features:

  • Cube Technology: Multi-level tension and pre-stretch setting for each wrapping cycle
  • Simple touch-screen programming
  • Up to 12 pre-recorded wrapping cycles for quick start-up and consistent wrapping
  • Electronically variable pre-stretch ratio from 0% to 500%
  • Packaging autonomy between 200 and 300 pallets
  • Easily steerable forwards or backwards (with or without motorization)
  • Trolley for 20” spool (optional at 30”) with instant load system
  • Multi-level variable pre-stretching system for maximum safety
  • The lowest energy consumption on the market


Optional R-Connect technology provides real-time performance data, allowing you to optimize management costs through remote technical assistance and streamlined maintenance operations.

Built for various sectors where warehouse management and logistics are crucial, the Robopac ROBOT S7 is your ideal partner. Its innovative features, including facilitated film insertion (ILS) and Power Drive technology with brushless motorization, ensure precise control of the film, perfect pre-stretching, and minimal consumption of film and energy for environmental sustainability.

Experience the future of packaging with the ROBOT S7 – your reliable, efficient, and environmentally conscious partner.



Compacta 6 Horizontal Stretch Wrapper | By Robopac

Discover Robopac’s Compacta line for cutting-edge horizontal stretch-film wrapping technology. The Compacta 6, a top-rated, user-friendly machine, is designed for versatility and automation, reducing packaging costs.

Ideal for longer packages, special shapes, and both small and large-batch production, the Compacta series offers:

  • Fast and easy operation
  • Reduced labor needs
  • High packaging flexibility

Key Features:

  • Continuous tension system
  • Automatic film cutting
  • Pedal start system

Specifically designed for bundling long, narrow products like wood molding, aluminum, plastic extrusion, tubing, textiles, and carpet, Compacta’s semi-automatic horizontal stretch wrappers ensure safe and simple operation with automatic film clamping, cutting, and constant tensioning. Moreover, the Compacta Series complies with Canadian CSA standards.






The spool carriage unit has an adjustable breaking transmission roller for easy loading and film insertion. It also has a quick-release feature for the spool.

The dual rod clamping and cutting system fully automates the wrapping process for reliability.


The wrapping program can be safely started using the pedal start system.


Rotoplat 708 Turntable Stretch Wrapper | By Robopac

Introducing the Rotoplat Series 8, the stretch machine that is above it’s competition, on every level, solidifying its position as a market leader in innovation. The Rotoplat series combines cutting-edge technology with reliability, making it the go-to choice.

The Rotoplat 708, equipped with Cube Technology, stands out as the most innovative semi-automatic stretch wrapper in the market. Its intuitive seven 7’’ color touchscreen simplifies the wrapping process, ensuring ease of use. The patented roll carriage design and the flexibility of Cube Technology allow confident wrapping of any load with any film, ensuring the right amount of stretch film, at the right place.

Key Features:

  • Cube Technology for maximum pallet stabilization and reduced film usage (30%-55%)
  • Simple touch-screen programming
  • Electronically variable pre-stretch ratio from 150% to 400%
  • Up to 12 custom recipes for packaging customization
  • Ergonomic design and easy maintenance
  • Advanced safety features

Designed for flexibility, the Rotoplat series is available in various configurations to meet your needs.

Cube Technology reduces film usage by 30% to 55% providing you with significant savings in addition to reducing your plastic consumption. It also minimizes the risk of product damage, guaranteeing that your products reach customers in their original condition.

R-Connect technology provides real-time monitoring, allowing you to optimize management costs through remote technical assistance and streamlined maintenance operations.

Experience the future of stretch wrapping with the Rotoplat 708 – where innovation meets reliability.