Packaging Products

Edge Protection

Complete Packaging Systems provides all of the industrial packaging supplies and accessories required to ensure your shipment is safe and secure.

Pack and protect your product when shipping via truck, container, or railcar.

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Strapping Products

  • Polyester Strapping – engineered to support heavy duty applications
  • Polypropylene Strapping – designed to satisfy light to medium duty applications, such as case goods, small bundles, and newspapers/magazines
  • Both polyester and polypropylene strap are safe, cost effective, fully recyclable, and ergonomically practical
  • Steel Strapping – engineered to deliver higher yield and break strength, allowing you to save time and money
  • All of our steel strapping product conforms to ASTM, Government, or Railroad regulations and specifications

Film Products

  • A complete range of film product consumables and equipment
  • We carry both machine and hand grade stretch film, as well as high performance films that feature consistent and superior performance characteristics
  • Superior quality top sheeting, poly sheeting, and bags are also available to suit any of your wrapping needs

Edge Protection

  • A comprehensive range of edge board products that satisfy most applications
  • Available in both standard and custom lengths and sizes
  • Protects your product from damage due to strapping or shipping conditions
  • Can also be used for stacking your palletized products that could become damaged due to the weight or configuration of skids