2016 AAR Conference

We’ve learned so much this year!

This year has been full of changes and growth both within our own company and throughout the industry. We are excited to share some of the highlights from this year’s AAR Meeting regarding some of the newest changes and advancement in our industry today.

AAR 1In this industry, load securement and customer safety are our greatest concerns. It is important to always stay up to date with the latest technology and product standards to ensure all safety requirements are met. Each year the industry comes together to discuss these important advancements within our industry so we all are able to serve our customers with their safety in mind.

This years AAR Conference touched on a wide variety of subjects regarding why rail transit safety is so important, updated best AARpractices for product use, and which products are best for which situations. Our very own Darren Burden was able to shed some light on how to properly use our Dunnage bags in closed car settings. Some others discussed which risers and void fillers work best and the safety improvements of loading paper into boxcars. Our industry has created strategic research initiatives to consistently improve our everyday damage prevention procedures.

However, there are many more layers to the AAR Conference that touch on many other subjects regarding customer safety. A portion of the discussions, for example,  focused on automotive improvements, some of which reside in Mexico and also how the railway advancements can positively affect customer security. We have learned there is always more we can do as an industry to grow and advance in damage prevention.

Complete Packaging Systems understands the importance of damage prevention when it comes to what matters most, our customers. This is why we take pride in our involvement with the AAR Conference every year so we can better learn how to help our customers in the future and to teach others how they can do the same.


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Drafted & Edited by: Makenna Wolowich