2018 AAR Damage Prevention & Freight Claim Conference

Technology and Safety Developments in the Industry

Earlier this month, Complete Packaging Systems had the pleasure of attending the 126th AAR Damage Prevention & Freight Claim Annual Conference in Nashville, TN. This year’s conference presentations reminded us just how much the industry has advanced over the past few years. Each year the industry seems to flourish in technology developments and safety enhancements. With safety being our main concern, Complete Packaging Systems is eager to attend this conference every year.

This year’s conference covered topics ranging from North American Trade and its impact on railroads to autonomous trucking. Throughout the entire industry, technology changes are being made to make the industry safer and more automated. Autonomous trucking, Positive Train Control, rail trip optimizers, smart sensors, delivery drones and more are all being researched to discover a more efficient way to deliver products safely within a supply chain. Even the testing for rail cars and securement products has advanced. Simulators used to test securement products and modes of transportation have become life-like and can pick up on the smallest vibration or shock that could affect the cargo within.

Furthermore, the AAR has published numerous General Information Series over the past year, helping to continuously improve freight standards and guidelines for shipments passing through rail. Along with the new GISs, new securement products have been developed and tested to ensure product arrives safely to its destination; ranging from products designed to hold down barrels during transit to products that prevent cars and automotive from shifting during transit.

A lot of developments and changes were discussed at the AAR Conference regarding what we can look forward to in the next generation in the industry, filled with technology advancements and automation. Participating in the annual AAR Damage Prevention & Freight Claim conference keeps us up-to-date with the newest industry regulations and developments. For more information about the conference, contact us toll free at 866-858-8800.


Edited by: Stephanie Irvine