Announcement: Dunnage Bag AAR Compliance

As we recently discussed in a previous blog post, making sure your dunnage bags are AAR compliant and up-to-date with their AAR safety verification is absolutely essential. Otherwise, you face significant risks to personal and public safety, as well as potential damage to your cargo.

Complete Packaging Systems is proud to announce our Cyclone Dunnage Airbags are listed in the Association of American Railroads PPPPD Verification Listing.

Attached you will find the most up-to-date AAR table/chart, which illustrates all manufacturers/distributors having achieved successful product verification. The document displays the verification date, by dunnage bag level, type of proprietary valve system, and the materials used to produce the dunnage bag.

PDF Click here for the latest AAR Verification List.

This list is the latest version of the AAR Verification List, which you will notice has been updated since our last post on this topic.

Remember, to determine whether you are using a “verified” dunnage bag, and meeting compliance with the AAR and all Class 1 railroads associated, review the verification date published, then evaluate whether today’s date is in excess of 3 years. All dunnage bag manufacturers are required to submit products, by level and material substrate every 3 years for “re-verification”.

If you are using a product deemed not to be “verified” by AAR, you could be positioning your company to be non-compliant and potentially liable for all costs related to matters proven to be the fault of a failed dunnage bag.

Complete Packaging Systems is an industry leader in the securement of forest products, and other “high density” shipments, and we take great pride in providing the best technical resources to our valued customers. We provide on-site technical training to our customers, as well as rail shippers in general.  CPS representatives are diligent to ensure best practices are deployed, ensuring a safe and efficient workplace for all.

>> Please contact us at any time, should you wish to review your compliance requirements.  We would be happy to provide guidance focusing on development of comprehensive SOP’s (Standard Operating Practices) in your shipping department.

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