C.O.F. Rating on Rubber Friction Mats

What the C.O.F. Rating Is and Why It Is Important

Have you ever wondered why rubber friction mats are printed with yellow numbers and writing? In this blog, we will be covering the C.O.F. value, why it’s important, and a rough idea on how it’s calculated.

The C.O.F. value (the number printed in yellow) stands for coefficient of friction, measured in G force. It’s calculated in an independent laboratory by testing the amount of force needed to move an object across a surface, while taking into account the friction between the object and the surface it is on. In order to measure the C.O.F. rating of rubber friction mats, a weight of 100 grams is placed on a tilt board lined with a friction mat. The tilt board is raised slowly, and the maximum angle is measured at the exact moment the weight begins to slide down the tilt board. The larger the angle, the more effective that particular friction mat is, which means it would be awarded a larger C.O.F. value.

Friction mats are meant to replace wood and block bracing, so the minimum industry standards have been measured to the following for rubber friction mats:

  • 0.5 G in the rearward direction towards the doorway
  • 0.5 G for side to side movement toward the walls of the trailer or container
  • 0.8 G toward the nose of the trailer or container

At Complete Packaging Systems, we believe that a minimum standard is never enough. That is why we have far exceeded industry standards, by a factor of at least 33%, to ensure our customers are confident when using our LoadSecure™ rubber friction mats.

Furthermore, the rubber friction mats must be clearly printed with a numeric C.O.F. rating and the manufacturer’s brand name, as this is what roadside inspectors use to verify the mats meet industry standards. Another feature of our mats is the printing repetition of the C.O.F. value is every 3 inches down the entire mat and placed only 5 inches from the edge. This becomes important, as inspectors must be able to easily see the rating. If you are following proper loading procedures, and leaving at least 6 inches of exposed friction mat towards any and all voids in the trailer or container, you can be certain that our printing will show the C.O.F. value.

Using our LoadSecure™ friction mats will not only save you time and money, it will create a safe, secure, and approved load every time. For more information on our LoadSecure™ friction mats, contact our load consultation services toll-free at 1-866-858-8800.

Edited by: Stephanie Irvine