Centerline Guidance Mark

Easily Line Up Your Dunnage Bags

If you are currently using our Level 4 or 5 Cyclone dunnage bags, you may start to notice a small black line on either side of some of our bags. Complete Packaging Systems is currently in the process of applying a small black line on the sides of our new L4 and L5 Cyclone bags ranging from 96” to 108” in length, so you can easily reference where the center of the bag is. Having the centerline marked on the dunnage bags during a horizontal application will allow you to easily line up the markings on the bag with the lengthwise centerline of a rail car, ensuring the bag is evenly distributed across the rail car. It is important to have the center of the dunnage bag lined up to the lengthwise centerline of a rail car so the weight of the paper rolls will be evenly distributed across the bag during transit. If there is uneven distribution of weight on the dunnage bag, the load will not meet industry regulations and can become unstable, causing the rolls adjacent to the bag to spin out and make the load unsafe. Also, when there is too much pressure on one side of the bag it can cause one side of the dunnage bag to be pinched while the other side expands to hold in all the air.

By applying a centerline guidance mark to our Cyclone L4 and L5 bags ranging from 96” to 108” in length it will help our customer’s line up the dunnage bag evenly across the lengthwise centerline of rail car when used in a horizontal application. This is just one example of the way Complete Packaging Systems strives to make load planning in cargo securement easier for our customers. Please note, this guidance mark is being applied to all to our new productions of L4 and L5 Cyclone bags ranging from 96” to 108” in length and the bags you currently receive may not obtain the mark yet. We thank you for your patience, as we make this beneficial transition. For more ways Complete Packaging Systems can assist you with your companies load plan, contact us toll-free at 866-858-8800.

Original Image taken from Figure 6.2 Horizontal air bags application, in AAR Best Practices for Loading Roll Paper in a Railcar –


Edited by: Stephanie Irvine