Cut to Length Strapping

If you have ever had the opportunity to work with synthetic cord strapping, then you know all of the benefits versus steel. First and foremost, zero potential to lose an eye. Good start. It weighs much less than a steel coil, so it’s good for the old back. It’s cheaper, another tick in the win column. And synthetic strap is also more resilient than steel… I didn’t say stronger… but it is more resilient. The example that comes to mind is dropping a lift of lumber; steel strap cannot take the impact, there’s no give!

Even with all of these innovations, the one constant remains. It’s still strapping. It needs to be roughly measured out, fed through a fastener of some kind, and then tensioned around the product in question using a tool. But what if I told you that we could save you upwards of 10% by reducing waste?

We at Complete Packaging pride ourselves on understanding our customers’ pain points, challenges, and frustrations, then working diligently to alleviate them where possible. This is where our new Cut-to-Length Tex-Steel Cord Strapping program comes in.

We have worked with our production to offer our customers pre-cut lengths of strap. This means loaders will no longer have to cut dozens of straps from a larger coil, they would be cut to the exact length you need right out of the box. This not only saves you time and effort, but also reduces waste!


We understand the monotony that comes along with loading the same sized product, in the same containers day after day, and we wish to save your loaders valuable time by offering strapping that comes with the prep-work built in!

Railcar doorway straps, bundle straps, unitizing bands… if you find yourself cutting straps to the same length over and over again, we want to hear from you. Our solution saves you time and unnecessary effort.

If you’d like to trial a few coils of cut to length strap, please contact your Complete Sales Representative, and start getting more done, today!


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