Cyclone™ Dunnage Air Bags: Inflation Technology

Dunnage Air BagsIn our industry, bringing new and exciting technology to market is a daunting task. Many people in purchasing roles and at dock level like their old technology because it works for them. Unfortunately, most inflation systems that we see out in the market are bulky, heavy, and not designed for the human hand. This ergonomic issue, combined with long fill times, puts an unnecessary strain on the user.

People need education about the cheaper, more reliable, and faster ways to fill dunnage air bags. And weÂ’re taking the challenge head on through innovation, ergonomics, and speed. To that end, our new inflators are lightweight and designed with the end user in mind.

Speed is a large factor at the dock level. We aim to cut the time filling air bags by nearly 2/3. We have performed tests with industry-leading bags (all of them the same size and volume,) and our inflation system was 66% faster.

Along with being the fastest tool on the market, it is also very accurate. Each tool comes with a digital PSI gauge. Once again, this saves time by not having to disconnect the inflator to use a secondary measuring tool.

Using old, outdated inflation technology out of habit only makes filling dunnage bags more difficult and time-consuming. With new technology available, there is no need to put the extra strain on users and waste valuable time. Start improving your processes now with our line of ergonomic, speedy inflators.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Accurate PSI reading
  • Ergonomic grip
  • 66% faster than traditional air dunnage inflators
  • No unnecessary strain on the user
  • Easy-click button
  • Cheaper than conventional systems

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