Get Creative with Recycling: CYCLONE Dunnage Bags

Recycle & Reuse Our CYCLONE Dunnage Bags

Are you receiving a shipment with cargo secured by CYCLONE dunnage bags? If you are currently throwing away dunnage bags after receiving a shipment and are looking for a method of disposing of them that is a little more eco-friendly, try recycling our bags! Our CYCLONE dunnage bags are made up of recyclable materials. Just contact your local recycling facility to set up a recycling program with them and help shrink your company’s eco-footprint.

Can’t recycle the bags? Try reusing them at home! Simply cut one end of the bags and slide them over the things you want to cover, like patio furniture or your BBQ to keep them from getting damaged by the harsh outdoor weather. There are many ways you can replace regular tarps with used dunnage bags. In some cases, a used dunnage bag may even be more effective than a tarp because of their sewn sides, ensuring the item underneath is covered completely with no openings along the sides. If you have a camping trip coming up, use an old dunnage bag for storage or as a cover to keep your equipment and/or firewood dry. Don’t let the durability of our CYCLONE dunnage bags go to waste, find ways to reuse our dunnage bags for other applications.

Before using old dunnage bags at home, ensure you have received permission from your manager to take the bags home for personal use. Your company may already have a recycling or reuse program in place.

For more information about our CYCLONE dunnage bags and the sizes we offer, contact our knowledgeable sales team toll-free at 1-866-858-8800.

Edited by: Stephanie Irvine