Get Creative with Recycling: LoadSecure™ Friction Mats

Recycle & Reuse Our LoadSecure™ Friction Mats

Do you find yourself throwing away LoadSecure™ friction mats after receiving a shipment? You can put them to good use! Our LoadSecure™ friction mats can be recycled or even reused at home!

If your employer keeps a close eye on their eco-footprint then they can work with Complete Packaging Systems to recycle used LoadSecure™ friction mats. Along with our manufacturing partner, Complete Packaging Systems offers a LoadSecure™ rubber matting recycling program. Our customers can send used LoadSecure™ rubber matting to our manufacturer in Lebanon, PA for a chance to receive a rebate calculated by weight returned. The rubber matting simply needs to be free of contaminants and approved by manufacturing for the recycling process. The recycling program is a great way to be environmentally conscious and is sustainable for all parties involved.

If your employer does not have a disposal/recycling program in place for LoadSecure™ friction mats and will allow you to take them home, then there are plenty of creative ways to reuse them! Below are just some of the ways you can cut down and reuse LoadSecure™ friction mats:

  • Line the trunk of your car or the bed of your truck. The mats will provide grip, stopping items from sliding around, and they are easy to rinse off!
  • Under furniture! Cut the friction mats and place small pieces under chair legs, tables, couches, etc. to help stop furniture from sliding and protect the flooring underneath!
  • Inside your drawers/cabinets. Use them to line your kitchen drawers and cabinets to prevent damage caused by cutlery and items sliding when opening drawers. They also help prevent damage caused by spills.
  • Place them in or over pet crates. They are easy to rinse off when needed and when placed over a crate they will block the light/noise and help create a sheltered nook for your pet.
  • Re-doing your flooring? Line your floor with friction mats before placing the flooring down. They work well to eliminate noise and provide a protective layer.

When reusing our LoadSecure™ friction mats for personal use, make sure you ask your employer if you are allowed to take the used rubber matting. Although, it may seem like they are being thrown away, your employer may already have another use for them or have their own recycling program in place. If you receive the “go ahead” from your manager, be creative and reuse LoadSecure™ friction mats in your home!

If more information about our LoadSecure™ friction mats or the rubber recycling program offered, please contact us toll-free at 1-866-858-8800.


Edited by: Stephanie Irvine