Introducing The Hanger Bag!

Complete Packaging Systems' Newest Innovation

hanger bagAs a market leader in cargo securement, Complete Packaging Systems continuously exceeds customer expectations with regards to technical support, product quality and delivery performance. CPS is committed to providing our customers with the latest innovations in cargo securement.

The latest innovation has now arrived at Complete Packaging Systems. The Hanger Bag will save your company time and manpower in your next shipment.hangerbag1

There are 3 main benefits to using this new innovation:

The Hanger: Allows for a safe, efficient, one-person dunnage bag installation after the load is fully placed making this product simple and easy to use. No ladders or tethering equipment are required, making this the safest load securement procedure on the market.

The Valve Placement: On the edge of the bag, rather than in the traditional position on the front of the bag, to more easily engage and disengage the inflation tool. In addition, the valve is placed at a ‘working-height’ on the bag, rather than at the top of the bag making it more ergonomic and comfortable.

hangerbag2The Fast and Accurate Inflation: The inflation device uses a venturi-type system that pulls in outside ambient air and fills bags at a rate that is 66% faster than conventional inflation systems. The digital backlit gauge on the tool is accurate to within 0.1 PSI, ensuring that the bag is properly pressurized for your load.

This advancement in cargo securement technology has turned, what was traditionally a 2-person installation into a one-person job, making it easier than ever before. This innovative bag now saves frustration and time while reducing the potential for injury and accidents. Take a look at our Hanger Bag Video to see the product in action!

Are you ready to make the change?


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Drafted & Edited by: Makenna Wolowich