Learn More: Rubber Friction Mats

Friction mat 2In the world of cargo securement, safety begins from the ground up. Complete Packaging Systems makes sure that our clients know the importance of rubber friction mats when securing their next shipments. Load Secure™ rubber friction mats have a high friction surface that will minimize the likelihood of load shifts during long hall cargo trafficking.


What makes our friction mats different is the versatility of the product. Not only are all mats 100% recyclable and reusable, they can be used in both wet and dry conditions without a problem. These mats are easy to apply and remove again and again. Another benefit of choosing Load Secure™ rubber friction mats is the variety of configurations and grades they come in. We are sure to meet any of your specific application needs such as cut sheet, roll stock, perforated, metals grade and so on.

By choosing our friction mats, you’re choosing a company dedicated to your cargo securement. Our mats will secure multiple supplies including paper rolls, metal coils, steel drums, food and beverages and so much more. There is no more need for wood blocking and bracing, save your self from the holes in the floors and switch to Load Secure™ rubber friction mats. Complete Packaging Systems is your best choice in cargo securement, and we are always here to help.

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Drafted & Edited by: Makenna Wolowich