Learn More: Tex-Steel Cord Strapping

Gator Lash 2Here at Complete Packaging Systems we understand that damage to your goods costs time and money, and no one can afford to have their supply chain disrupted. When your products are properly secured, they will not move around in transit and get damaged. Products like dunnage bags and rubber friction mats are products that keep the loads stable with less potential for banging into one another and causing accidents.

Along with the other essential cargo securement products, Tex-Steel™ synthetic cord strapping and lashing is recommended for anyone on their next cargo shipment. Tex-Steel™ is a high-strength, safe, and cost-effective alternative to steel strap that is more secure, lighter, and easier to handle. By keeping cargo tightly secured together, the harder for the product to move around.Gator straps close
Be assured that we can supply you with all the products you need to secure your cargo properly. Tex-Steel™ synthetic cord strapping and lashing is always at the top of our list and we will make sure you are using it properly with multiple lengths and strengths to choose from. All of our strapping is AAR approved, 100% recyclable and easy to dispose of. Complete Packaging Systems is your best choice in cargo securement, and we are always here to help.

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Drafted & Edited by: Makenna Wolowich