Metals Industry – LoadSecure™ 8260

Friction Mat durability that can withstand shipments of Skidded or Palletized metal products e.g. Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Brass, Zinc, Lead, etc.

Complete Packaging Systems supplies LoadSecure™ 6910 rubber friction mats as an effective, safe and cost- efficient replacement to traditional wood blocking and bracing, which are manufactured with a maximum working C.O.F. (Coefficient of Friction) rating of 1.2g. This C.O.F. value exceeds the required securement Performance Criteria rating of 0.8 g during forward deceleration events and 0.5 g when providing securement for cargo shifting to the sides and rear directions of the trailer or container, this per U.S. FMCSA 49 CFR and Canada National Safety Code 10 Regulations.

However, did you know that Complete Packaging Systems offers another grade of LoadSecure™ friction mat well suited for the Metals Industry? LS – 8260 provides all the benefits of our standard LoadSecure™ mat, but is a superior alternative based on ASTM dynamic test results for Tensile, Tear, Elongation and Density properties. Having  greater density (lbs./cu.³) equates to greater strength and durability necessary to withstand the load bearing forces typically realized when shipping finished products in the form of, but not limited to: Billets, Ingots, Pigs, Logs, Coil, Plate and Wire.

Given product being shipped in the metals industry can be extremely heavy, it is typically shipped on skids instead of pallets. Skids are often built with only 2-3 runners and have no bottom crossing boards. Meaning, the weight of the product on top of the skid is displaced across a much smaller load bearing footprint. The above conditions result in greater shear type forces and dynamic demand being applied to the mat.

Other industries typically ship their product on pallets. Pallet design often incorporates as many as 5 boards that travel perpendicular to the runners. The weight from the product on top of the pallet is distributed across these 5 boards and therefore less weight onto the load bearing surface area. LS – 8260  provides measurably more durability at load bearing points underneath skids and is best suited for the heaviest of cargo securement requirements.

LoadSecure™ 8260 friction mat incorporates the same high-vis printing as our standard LoadSecure™ friction mat, to identify the C.O.F. rating of 1.2 g. This assures North American friction mat compliance with all Roadside Enforcement agencies. Product is available in pre-cut sheets, rolls, perforated rolls and in thickness ranging from 2mm – 6mm.

Given this grade of mat is typically used in the metals industry, LoadSecure™ 8260 is also very effective for other applications requiring securement of extremely heavy Cargo or for shippers who want to be able to reuse their friction mats.

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