New Distributor Packs!

The solution for distributors with low dunnage bag usage

We wanted to post this short blog to let you know about a new product we have! Complete Packaging Systems is pleased to announce that we now sell dunnage bag kits called Distributor Packs! Distributor packs are made up of 60 – 30” x 30” Over-the-Road CYCLONE dunnage bags with two bonus inflators included. These convenient, small box quantities are perfect for distributors with low dunnage bag usage and include the tools needed to inflate the bags.

Regular, full-sized pallets of dunnage bags contain large pallet quantities, which are great for shippers using dunnage bags on a regular basis however, these large pallet quantities can be overwhelming for companies only requiring dunnage bags for uncommon shipments. The Distributor Pack contains the perfect small quantity of dunnage bags for infrequent users, or one-time shipments as the pack has two inflators for customers that may not already have inflation tools on hand. The Distributor Pack is also small enough that it can easily be shipped via ground carrier to different locations when in a pinch, ensuring you can always have the cargo securement products you need when loading your product.

Dunnage bag inflators usually connect to compressed air lines, but if your facility does not have a compressor, we have a still have solution for you! Discuss our portable, battery powered inflator options with one of our sales representatives for added portability, and to eliminate the need for compressors and run lines.

To find out more about our Distributor Packs, or to discuss other options that meet your shipping requirements, speak with one of our knowledgeable technical sales and service representatives today by calling 1-866-858-8800.


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