New Valve Technology

Striker Valve for Lightweight Bags

Here at Complete Packaging Systems we strive to provide innovative products to our customers. That’s why we are pleased to announce the launch of a new valve technology for our lightweight Over-the-road and Level 1 dunnage bags called the Striker Valve. The Striker Valve and its corresponding inflators make the inflation of dunnage bags easier for the user. This new inflation technology simply clips over the striker valve from any angle with little pressure applied, no aligning or struggling required. Once the inflator is attached to the valve, it can be easily rotated around the valve, so you can achieve the perfect angle needed for inflation without having to worry that the inflator will come loose from the valve or that the bag will twist. The Striker Valve inflator also has a low-profile head that fits into tight spaces. Once you are ready to remove the inflator from the valve, it is as simple as pinching the inflator head. The Striker Valve inflation tools are also available in a variety of styles. Whether you want a manual inflator or a digital inflation system for an accurate PSI reading, both styles are available. Both the inflator options are similar to the inflators we currently carry, so they will be comfortable/familiar in your hand when you make the switch. Like our current inflators they allow for fast inflation, filling at a speed of 235 liters/minute with the striker inflator and 500 liters/minute with the digital inflator. To make the inflation process even more comfortable and easy for you, we are offering a range of hose lengths that can be used with the Striker Valve. The hoses connecting the handle of the inflator to the inflator head are available in lengths of 4”, 15” and 10 feet so you can have the perfect distance and reach that you require for your load plan. Deflation of the Striker Valve bags is just as easy as inflation. The Striker Valve has a deflation cap attached. Simply clip the deflation cap over the valve and the dunnage bag will start to deflate. For more information about the Striker Valve dunnage bags and their inflation technology, contact us toll free at 866-858-8800.




Edited by: Stephanie Irvine