Now Offering Core Plugs, Splicing Tape & Kraft Tape!

Simply Add Them to Your Next Order

In case you didn’t hear, Complete Packaging Systems has added new items to our product offering! Along with our LoadSecure™ friction mats, CYCLONE airbags, Tex-Steel Strapping™, and other high quality products, we now offer core plugs and tape!

We are offering both wooden and plastic core plugs in a variety of sizes, for a variety of cargo securement needs. In addition, our new splicing and kraft tape is fully pulpable, making it the perfect solution for connecting paper rolls. Simply add these items to your next order and receive them with your next shipment of quality product from Complete Packaging Systems.

For more information about our core plugs and/or tape, please speak with one of our knowledgeable team members by calling toll free at 1-866-858-8800. We’ll be able to help you determine how these new products can be added to your load plan to help get your products delivered safely and damage free!



Edited By: Stephanie Irvine