Preventing Load Damage: Nail Problems?

Load Secure™ rubber friction mats are the solution!

In this industry we constantly hear stories about loading malfunction and how even the smallest issues can become much larger if they are not dealt with correctly. Here at Complete Packaging Systems, we have the solutions you need to get your loads to their destinations safely and securely.

A recent issue our customers have come across is troublesome nails left in the floor of containers from previous loads causing damage to new product. Customers shipping super sacks have been placing MATStheir products directly on container floors where protruding nails have then snagged on the fabric of these super sacks. During a long transit, even the smallest of movements can cause some pretty significant tears in the fabric over time.

We have a simple solution to this problem. Our Load Secure™ rubber friction mats can minimize product movement ensuring a more secure transit. Our mats will prevent movement and provide a gripped barrier between the container floor and your load, preventing further damage caused by nails rubbing against your cargo. Our mats are safe, cost-effective, reusable, and an efficient replacement for wood blocking & bracing. Eliminating the need for wood blocking & bracing will prevent the potential of future nail damage for everyone!

Our mats are available in a variety of configurations and grades with the ability to work under both wet and dry conditions. To better determine which product is right for you please contact our team for load consultation service. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the products you really need.

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Edited by: Stephanie Irvine