Safety in the Workplace

A Change for the Better

It is important for employees to feel safe in their work environment. In a recent article from Pulp and Paper Canada, Steve Pelletier of St. Felicien Kraft pulp mill and Jean-Francios Nadeau of Vaudreuil Works chemical plant share how they keep their employees safe. St. Felicien’s encourage the mantra “no injury, no pain” while Vaudreuil Work strives for a “Zero Harm” environment.

say no harmAfter being purchased by Resolute in 2012, St. Felicien has markedly improved their safety record.  Frontline supervisors were receiving proper training and disciplinary actions were taken when employees failed to meet safety protocols. Before Resolute implemented its culture change, hundreds of first aid incidents occurred every year and now the company has a recordable incident rate of less than one!

But it’s not just about preparing for injury’s, it’s about predicting them and now safety teams are focusing on near misses and possible dangers. With this new focus, employees are now being equipped with better safety gear including full body protection when handling chemicals. At Vaudreuil Works, chemical burns are also a big concern, but with safety plans of their own, they had only two recordable incidences within the last year.

According to Vaudreuil Works, to prevent a catastrophic event it is important to plan ahead, identify what is critical at your plant and audit the emergency procedures every week. It is important to be diligent because your employee’s lives are depending on it.  Once you identify what type of catastrophic risks could occur, you can identify the resolution.

Whether the risk is small or large makes no difference, the importance is the safety of all employees. By taking the proper precautions in ensuring your cargo loads are properly secure, you can save yourself and others from harms way. We at Complete packaging can help you with our Load consultations in order to prevent damage and improve your safety.  Be sure to follow routine and be aware of the dangers around you, it could save a life and maybe even your own.

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Drafted & Edited by: Makenna Wolowich