Success at the 2015 AAR Damage Prevention & Freight Claim Conference!

Are you achieving your “Mile High” goals?

AARFor the 9th year in a row, Complete Packaging revisited the AAR conference held by Damage Prevention & Loading Services Team (DP&LS).

DP&LS conducts testing for railroads, shippers and suppliers in establishing industry accepted loading rules and standards. They are responsible for testing and publishing approved loading methods and materials for closed car shipments moving in boxcars and inter-modal equipment, as well as open top shipments.

This conference is dedicated to further the education of all rail shippers in an effort to reduce damage and freight claims across North America.

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During the presentation of “Reaching the Mile High Goal through Communication, Education and Cooperation” Complete Packaging’s very own Darren Burden took some time to help cover some important issues on achieving company goals, along with a handful of other honoured speakers.


This presentation looked at how new load plans for 50 and 60 foot rail cars are being developed through communication, and cooperation and are being applied through Training and education.

The panel was a complete success, and we were overwhelmed with gratitude. A special thanks for a glowing testimonial from Chairman of the DP&FC:

… I greatly appreciated the time and effort you put into the annual Conference. You never go through the motions; you’re always “all in” … 110%!  Sincerely, thank you for helping making this Conference a success.  Take care …

Dave A. Hopkins – Director BNSF 

Everyone at Complete Packaging Systems would like to thank Dave Hopkins for his leadership and guidance through this year’s AAR conference. We look forward to next year’s gathering in Montreal hosted by Canadian Pacific Railway.

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Drafted & Edited by: Makenna Wolowich