T-Strap Hangers Vs. Tape

Why T-Strap Hangers are the better solution

When shipping paper rolls, many load plans require strap to be placed around the rolls to help unitize the rolls. It is important the cargo strap stays in place on the rolls and doesn’t fall to the floor during transit or the strap becomes useless for securement. Some shippers use tape to hold up the strap, but using tape can have its disadvantages. Tape can come loose from your paper rolls during transit and fall to the floor. This is mainly due to two reasons. First, during transit the strap shifts from side to side around the rolls. As the strap shifts, the tape is pulled with the strap causing the tape to slowly be pulled away from the rolls. Second, the weight of the strap pulls down on the tape throughout the entire shipment, forcing apart the tape adhesive and the surface of the paper roll.  Once the tape is completely pulled away from the paper roll, there is nothing to hold the strap in place, causing it to slip down the rolls and onto the floor. So, what’s the superior solution for holding up your cargo strap during transit? T-Strap Hangers. T-Strap Hangers are die cut pieces of thick, high quality cardboard that have a strong adhesive on the back. T-Strap Hangers are specifically designed to hold the cargo strap used around your paper rolls in place and prevent it from falling. The upside down “T” shaped cut of the T-Strap Hanger allows the strap to rest in two cut grooves during transit. By having the strap rest in these grooves, it allows the strap to slide from side-to-side as the unitized rolls shift slightly during transit, but it doesn’t allow the strap to fall downward because the grooves will act as hooks for the strap. T-Strap Hangers are also incredibly easy to install. Simply, peel the covering off the adhesive located on the back of the T-Strap Hanger, stick the T-Strap Hanger onto a paper roll, and put the strap into the cut-out grooves. The strong adhesive on the hangers will keep it secured to your paper rolls while the design of the hangers will allow the strap to shift with the rolls and keep it at the required height from the trailer floor. Overall, T-Strap Hangers are the simple and superior way of keeping the cargo strap around your paper rolls in place during transit.

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Edited by: Stephanie Irvine