Tex-Steel™: A Cord Strap as Strong as Steel

Tex-Steel™ Cord StrapsRecently, we unveiled our new privately branded cord strap – Tex-Steel™. The name is derived from the product itself; it’s a woven polyester TEXtile that is as strong as STEEL.

Tex-Steel™ replaces traditional steel banding used to transport cargo. It is specifically designed to unitize and palletize cargo in any mode of transportation (truck, railcar, ocean-going vessel). This product can be used for transporting materials in a variety of industries, from forestry to fabrication.

The key benefit of Tex-Steel™ is its enhanced safety. Steel banding has a lot of tension and can be dangerous for those who aren’t properly trained in safety procedures. When cut, a steel band can release with a great deal of strength and cause harm with its sharp edges.

Tex-Steel™ was developed to address this safety concern. It is made of polyester, which means that it does not pose the same risks as its steel counterpart. However, it is just as strong and effective as steel banding.

We met with the Association of American Railroads (AAR) at a state-of-the-art lab to test Tex-Steel™ for break strength and joint efficiency. Previously, the AAR stipulated that to be compliant, the joint efficiency of the strap and buckle needed to be 50%. The AAR has recently upgraded the minimum regulation from 50% joint efficiency to 75%. We’re very pleased to announce that Tex-Steel™ has surpassed the new higher joint efficiency standards.


  • Safe for operators to use, eliminating accidents and injuries related to steel strapping
  • Ergonomically-friendly
  • Lighter, more flexible, and easier to handle than steel
  • Available in bonded, woven, or composite materials
  • Suitable for all weather conditions; will not rust or damage your product
  • High retained tension; can be re-tensioned if necessary
  • Custom printing available if product or brand recognition is desired
  • Available in standard size rolls and jumbo size rolls
  • Fully recyclable and easy to dispose
  • Widths of 5/8” to 1 5/8” available
  • Lengths of 670 ft. to 2250 ft.

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