User Safe Cargo Securement Products

Helping Reduce Workplace Injuries

At Complete Packaging Systems, we take safety very seriously. The shipping industry can be dangerous if products are not secured properly. Not only can shipping your product be dangerous, the act of securing your cargo before the journey can be dangerous as well. At Complete Packaging Systems, we try to offer our customers new, innovative products that are safer for the user during application compared to traditional methods of cargo securement. Below lists some of the products we offer as safe cargo securement options.

TexSteel Synthetic Cord Strap

The use of steel strap to secure cargo has been around for a long time. Although steel strap is an effective method of tying down cargo, it can be dangerous for the user. The cut ends of the steel can become sharp and cut the user when applying or removing the straps. Complete Packaging Systems offers our customers a safer method of tying down cargo. We offer a synthetic cord strap which users will not accidently cut themselves on. When using our TexSteel cord strap, you will not have to worry about sharp steel edges potentially leading to workplace injuries.

LoadSecure™ Friction Mats

Another product offered by Complete Packaging Systems that can prevent workplace injuries is LoadSecure™ friction mats. Our friction mats are an effective method of replacing wood blocking & bracing. When companies switch to using LoadSecure™ friction mats, their employees will no longer have to spend time bent over nailing into wooden blocks/braces potentially leading to back injuries, not to mention the potential for injuries when working with nails & nail guns alone. When using LoadSecure™ friction mats, employees can simply roll out the mats to prevent sliding of cargo during transit.

CYCLONE Hanger Bags

Complete Packaging Systems created the CYCLONE Hanger Bag to provide a safe method of installing tall dunnage bags between stacks. Instead of having to get on a ladder or climb to the top of a load and drop the dunnage bag down, the CYCLONE Hanger Bag allows the user to use a pole to hang the bag between loads from ground level. From here, the bag will stay in place by itself and the user can simply fill the bag with ease. The Hanger Bag eliminates the risk of workplace falls and injuries by allowing the user to keep their feet planted firmly on the ground while installing the bags.

Dunnage Bag Deflation Caps

Another safety benefit all our CYCLONE dunnage bags have is a deflation cap that is attached to the valve of our bags. Simply twist the deflation cap over the valve of the bag and the air will release from the bag. Loaders no longer need to cut or puncture a highly pressurized bag which can cause an explosion like event, leaving the loader vulnerable to unpredictable hazards. The deflation cap on our bags is a quick and easy way to safely release the air in dunnage bags before removing and deposing of them.

Customer safety is very important to us. Therefore, Complete Packaging Systems has worked hard to offer our customers a variety of new methods and products to secure cargo that can also help decrease the potential of workplace injuries. Be sure to check in with us as we continue to create safer and more innovative products for the cargo securement industry.

For more information about the products above, visit our website or call us toll-free at 1-866-858-8800.

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