Why You Should Use Rubber Friction Mats to Secure Your Shipments

Load-Secure™ Friction MatsI would like to start out this blog by addressing a problem: the many terms to describe rubber friction mats, such as “anti-skid mats”, “rubber transportation mats”, and various brand names. Our industry refers to them as rubber friction mats. I encourage you to do the same.

If you had the choice between using wood bracing or rubber friction mats to secure your shipment, which would you choose?

Many who have had the pleasure of using friction mats would say it’s no contest; they would choose friction mats for their anti-skid needs.

It is important for companies to abide by the railroads’ methods of securing loads. However, we are here to tell you that wood bracing is not always the answer and can be replaced in many situations. This would save your company the cost of wood, nails, energy, and time, along with providing a better, safer workplace for your employees.

By using our Load-Secure™ Friction Mats, you can easily secure your loads and keep them from shifting during transit – with no need for nailing, gluing, or constructing dunnage. Simply lay down the suggested mats underneath your shipment and let the product do its job.

As part of an effective load plan, rubber friction mats almost always eliminate the need for wood bracing. These products have been tested and approved by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) for use, but not all rail carriers are ready to change. In certain situations, wood bracing is still used but we urge you to ask why.

Why use wood bracing when something more cost-effective and efficient is available? Load-Secure products eliminate a potentially dangerous work environment. There is no loss of time due to injury from hammers, nails, or saws.

Rubber friction mats meet the North American Cargo Securement Standard. Friction mats don’t damage the rail carrier’s floors, and they save your company from the frustrations of wood bracing.

Many industries can benefit from replacing wood bracing with friction mats. Manufacturers working to produce varied commodities including metals, forest products, roll paper, glass, pharmaceutical, and even the food industry use Load-Secure™ products.

Free yourself from the old ways of load securement. You’ll be glad you did.

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