See the Latest Railroad Safety Facts from the Federal Railroad Administration [Whitepaper]

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) released a great report about the state of railroad safety in the United States. The document, titled “Safety Fact Sheet”, discusses some good news!

Although railroads are carrying more goods and people than they have in a generation, the ten-year trend of accidents shows a definitive downward curve. Rail has never been safer – we’re seeing record-breaking levels of safety performance since 2008.

Here are some of the key stats:

  • 38% reduction in human factor caused accidents
  • 37% reduction in tract defects
  • 41% reduction in equipment defects

These are fantastic numbers for everyone involved in rail transport to celebrate.

Download the PDF Click here to download the Safety Fact Sheet from the FRA.

Of course, we must still work toward achieving ever-higher standards of safety on our railroads. Everyone plays a part in reaching that goal, from the FRA to the rail personnel unloading product.

If you ship goods via rail, using the proper cargo securement methods is paramount to safety. We know first-hand the importance of well-secured loads, particularly for heavy weight and high density loads such as paper rolls.

We encourage you to read the good news from the FRA, and think about ways you can improve safety in your own processes.

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