Square Dunnage Bags

Filling Large Voids in Your Load Plan

Are you currently using multiple dunnage products to fill large voids in your cargo load plan? If so, you may be able to replace these products with just one square dunnage bag! Our CYCLONE Square Air Bags™ contain all the great benefits of our regular CYCLONE Square Air Bags™ , but they inflate into a cube instead of the typical cylindrical shape of dunnage bags. The cube shape of the bag allows it to cover more surface area on the product in large voids, compared to standard bags.

Standard dunnage bags are great when trying to fill regular sized cargo voids, but when they are inflated in large voids, only a small portion of the center of the bag makes contact with the surrounding product. This is indicated in red in the diagram below. In order to make more surface contact, many customers use corrugated dunnage or honeycomb dunnage to shrink their voids in combination with a dunnage bag. Although, corrugated and honeycomb dunnage makes the void smaller for the cylindrical dunnage bag, using two different kinds of dunnage to fill a void can be costly and can take up more warehouse space. Unless honeycomb or corrugated dunnage is used to shield the product against abrasive materials, it can become unnecessary when you switch to square bags. Our sales representatives can help you determine if a square dunnage bag is a better fit for your load plan. Just like the rest of our line of CYCLONE Air Bags™, our CYCLONE Square Air Bags™ have quick inflation technology, safe deflation systems, can be AAR approved, and have the same high quality you’ve come to know and appreciate.

Complete Packaging Systems offers a variety of CYCLONE Air Bags™ in order to fit our customer’s different cargo securement needs. We carry small square bags for voids up to 17 inches and large square bags for voids up to 24 inches, both available in several different sizes. For more information about our square bags and to find out if they apply to your load plan, please contact our load consultation services at 1-866-858-8800.



Edited by: Stephanie Irvine